The group was funded by the CIA and was part of the regular Royal Lao Air Force, but took orders directly from MR2 Commander Gen.
He was shot down by anti-aircraft fire and killed over Laos near Muang Soui on 12 July 1969.[2] At the time of his death, he had flown more combat missions than any pilot in history.
[3] A motto attributed to him was "Fly 'til you die."[4] He was posthumously promoted to lieutenant colonel.[5] Contents [hide] 1 Biography 2 See also 3 Notes 4 References 5 External links 6 Further reading Biography[edit] Lee Lue was born in 1935 to Chong Ger Lee and his wife Pa Vang in the village of Phou Pheng in Xiangkhoang Province, Laos.
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2 Battle
2.1 Frontlinefightingandstalemate
2.2 RebeladvanceonSuqAlThulatha
2.3 BattleofZliten
2.4 BattleofTawergha
2.5 Endofthebattle
3 References
In 1953, Lee Lue's family moved to Xieng Khouang city after the Vietnamese invaded Laos. After the war ended in 1955, Lee Lue married Jou and two years later their first child, a son named Ze, was born. Lee Lue studied in Xieng Khouang city and later enrolled in teacher training school. In 1959, he took a position as an elementary school teacher in Lat Houng.

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Vang Pao.
Major Lee Lue (1935 – 12 July 1969) was a Laotian Hmong fighter bomber pilot notable for flying more combat missions than any other pilot in the Kingdom of Laos. Lee Lue flew continuously, as many as 10 missions a day and averaging 120 combat missions a month to build a total of more than 5,000 sorties.[1] Lee Lue was the leader of the special group of Hmong pilots flying T-28Ds from Long Tieng against the Pathet Lao and North Vietnamese positions.

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